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Online Marketing by Tim Shady

My name is Tim, most of my close friends simply call me “Shady.”  I didn’t initially like the negative connotation of the moniker, but I’ve learned to love it, and it’s already branded, sort of like Chad OchoCinco.  No going back now.  Never abandon a successful brand.

TimShady.net is my personal blog. I used to offer Internet Marketing services on this site, as well really keep up with the changes in online marketing, but I’ve made the decision to go more formal with the launch of WebSiteRescue.com, a full service online marketing company and all around kick-ass solution for anyone looking to gain traction in the search engines.

I’m also just a short while away from launching a full e-commerce mentoring course, but I can’t say much more than that at the moment!

I write to educate, entertain, and meet like-minded individuals who like to enjoy life and make money while having fun.  While I was perfectly capable working in “Corporate America,” I take pride in paying my dues wherever I have an Internet connection.

I used to mix up my personal rants with my insights on marketing, but I have since made the decision to just keep this site “FUN.”  So, this is my escape from reality, my place to sit back and reflect on things, post funny photos, and keep a personal diary of what’s going on in life.

For more about me, please visit my “about me” page.  Enjoy the information – and should you want to get in touch, I have several methods listed throughout the site.