The First Time I’ve Revealed a Dummy Proof SEO Tool….

I’m not one to give something for free, but I’m in a good mood today.  If you are looking to generate gobs of backlinks with relative ease, listen up.  This product WILL get you backlinks fast and easy, you just have to know how to do a few things…

1.  Spin articles.

If you don’t know that term, let me put it this way – come up with alternative ways to say things.

Example:  “Shout = Yell.”

Example 2:  “Mad = angry.”

2.  Input data into a software.

Simple enough.  You write an article and paste it into various fields.

3.  Push “GO”

My five year old can do this part.  Really….he clicks the mouse for me.

Nobody likes to build links.  Nobody.  It’s time consuming, tedious, and boring.  So, get a program to do it for you while you do more important things. 

NOTE: This should not be your end-all solution, there is still much more to do, but it’s worth the price – HANDS DOWN – to automate a big part of your campaigns.

Ready to take a look for yourself – Click Here!

This is an Alex Goad product, and in the past he’;s turned me on to some pretty neat tricks and has taught us a lot about how to gain traction in the search engines.  This is another one of his tricks and it’s very user-friendly.

If you have questions, I usually charge for consulting, but if you want to ask me anything via email, shoot me one and I’ll give you a walk through on how it works.  If you need a phone call, maybe I can put one of my guys on it if you still need help.

This is one of the few times I’ll reveal a tool I’ve used to get higher rankings for people….

BUT, there is a big catch to this, and an even bigger secret.  I use this product in a really wacky manner to get even HIGHER rankings for my clients.  Sign up for my email list to find out.  :)

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