Free Trials Are Anything but Free In 99% of Cases

If you are an affiliate marketer and want to keep your blog readers informed, I have a word to the wise:  don’t get wrapped up in free trial offers that promise high payouts.  I’ve been involved in enough affiliate programs that I’ve seen this one go through the cycle.  Of course, there is an exception to every rule, but as a general blanket statement I’d like to issue a stern warning against putting too much stock in any “free trial offer.”

After a lot of urging from a rep I trust at ClickBooth, I added a product to a blog I operate, just to see how the offer went.  Of course, I had high hopes for the offer, being that the product was selling against similar products that were retailing for over $100 in most cases.  Selling something for “free” if that makes any sense, should have been easy, right?

Well, the test bombed, and let me tell you why.

Within hours of my review blog adding this new product, consumers came in droves to talk about why this product was a scam.  Not only did the company become transparent after making the initial sale, but they gave a 14 day window to return the product and didn’t even ship the product until day 12!  Talk about slimebags!

Anyways, it’s always easy to promote CPA offers or free trial offers on blogs, but if you are trying to create authority, it’s important you are upfront with consumers. If you are promoting an offer that isn’t honest, you’ll lose any credibility you built up with your readers, and that’s a way to lose any steam you gained building up the readership.

Free Trial Offers:  Watch out