Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Creating Content

Lazy BloggerThis is an article for all you lazy bloggers out there!  If you don’t blog frequently, and wonder why you don’t make any money from your blogs, this article is for you.  The number one reason blogs fail is because they are abandoned.  Want to be an authority on a topic?  Then give your audience great content on a frequent basis.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s something most inexperienced bloggers forget about as they give up too soon on their dreams of working from their internet connection.

Here is one way you can get CONTENT ideas for your blog:  Current Events.

How can you blog about current events, you ask?

Simple.  It’s a tactic that many blog owners employ already.  The best example is

Those guys are relentless updating content.  Whenever something happens in their niche (celebrity news and the Hollywood scene for the most part) they are updating their home page and posting photos about it.  Folks, they are an example to follow.

One local blog I’ve seen that does a decent job of responding to current events is    This site reacts to Miami current events and posts Miami restaurant reviews.  They don’t update the site nearly enough (I know the writers) but they have compiled a massive amount of pages in Google since 2009, something that’s a big value.  A recent story about another popular topic I blogged about, electronic cigarettes, got my attention.  It’s hard to ignore the exposion (not the one in the man’s mouth, however) of electronic cigarette smoking in Miami.

Anyways, here is a quick guide on how to find topics to write about.

In the example, we’ll say your site is about Baseball.

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Type in “baseball”

Step 3:  Read all of the stories

Step 4:  Find one that appeals to you where you can easily develop an opinion and stance on the topic.

Step 5:  React to the story in your own words, using the keywords of the title of the story as your basis and target SEO keywords.

Step 6:  Market it virally.  Facebook, Twitter, any other web 2.0 properties.

That’s a simple way to add content without putting on your thinking cap or ruining your day wondering “what the heck do I write about?”  Sound easy?  It’s simple.  My team does it daily across many niches.  I call it reactive blogging.

How you capitalize on this is up to you. Capture emails.  Gain Twitter followers.  Get facebook likes.  Get your story Dugg or Stumbled Upon.  The options are endless.

Quick and easy.  If I can do it, you can do it.  That’s all for today.  Go out there and get more traffic!